Popular Diagnostic Center Doctor List (Shantinagar, Gazipur, Mirpur, Uttara, Chittagong, Bogra, Rangpur)

Popular Hospital is a very popular and high quality hospital in our country. Many advanced services are provided in this hospital. Even a few years ago, there were no good and advanced hospitals in our country.

Due to which many people would have died due to lack of better medical treatment or people would have received better medical services from different countries.

But now many advanced hospitals have been built in our country and there are many experienced and skilled specialist doctors in those hospitals. Those who accurately diagnose patients provide medical care.

Popular Diagnostic Center is the first choice diagnostic center of many people in our country because it is a very good diagnostic center. Popular Diagnostic Center has few expert doctors.

We will publish the names of those doctors here. Also we will publish the list of doctors of Popular Diagnostic Center of Bogra branch and a list of doctors of Chittagong Popular Hospital in this post.

Check out the rest of our posts if you are interested in this topic. Among the experienced and expert doctors of Popular Diagnostic Center Dhanmondi branch is Professor Dr. Moinul Hossain

Pain Management Specialist. Professor Dr. Kazi Manzoor Quader, he is a cancer specialist. Professor Dr. Rehana Begum is a breast cancer specialist. Lt. Col. Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin Mahmud,

he is Surgical Oncologist and Abkeplastic, Breast Surgeon. Apart from all these doctors, there are some other doctors in Popular Diagnostic Center. For example, Professor Dr. Khandaker Kamrul Islam,

he is a cardiology and heart specialist. Prof. Dr. M. Delwar Hossain. He specializes in asthma, chest diseases and respiratory medicine. Dr. Sadeka Chowdhury Moni is a neonatologist and pediatric specialist.

Dr Bithi Debnath is a specialist in Child, Neurology and Autism. To know more about the said hospital visit the link below www.populardiagnostic.com.

There are many branches of Popular Diagnostic Center in different parts of our country. People from different parts of our country can receive services from Popular Diagnostic Center from different places.

Similarly, there is a branch of Popular Diagnostic Center in Bogra. We have published the list of some doctors of Popular Diagnostic Center Bogra branch in another post of our website.

Popular Diagnostic Center Doctor List

You can know about this in detail from other posts on our website. There are many people who want to see a doctor of orthopedics from Popular Diagnostic Center.

For which you want to know the names of orthopedic doctors. So we will publish here the name of Orthopedic Doctor of Popular Diagnostic Center.

Orthopedic doctors of Popular Diagnostic Center include – Prof. Dr. Kamrul Alam Saleh. He is an orthopedic and trauma doctor. Kalam Uddin Ahmed, he is an orthopedic surgery specialist.

Apart from Orthopedics doctors, we have published the names of other types of specialist doctors on our website. You can know those names from our website.

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