Robi Number Check Code 2024 (রবি নাম্বার চেক করুন)

We who use Robi SIM. We may feel the need to know about Robi’s various offers. So today we will tell you through this post. You have purchased a new Robi SIM.

Now you don’t know that robi sim number. Now you must check robi number so today through this post I will show you how to check your robi sim number.

You can check your Robi SIM number in a very short time by dialing the USSD code. For this you have to adopt some words. So guys let’s start the main discussion.

To check Robi SIM balance, first you need to go to your phone’s dial pad. Then dial this *140*2*4#. You can check robi number *123*8*1# dial this code. Hope friends understand today’s article

if you want to check robi sim number. Then you must dial this code *140*2*4#. Or download it from any Google Play store and sign up. After this, you will know all the information

including your Robi SIM number. Hope friends understand. Today’s article is going to be very important for you if you want to check the same number. Through this post I will show you

about robi number viewing code. Through today’s post, I will discuss detailed information in front of you. Remember that previously the USST code used to view Robi numbers was 5 digits.

But currently, it has come down to 1 digit. The code to see Robi number is *2 #. Now if you want to know the robi sim number you are using. But dial the new Robi USSD code *2#.

You will see your Robi SIM number on your mobile screen. Hope friends I have been able to show you through this post. How do you check your Robi SIM number?

Earlier Robi SIM number was checked by dialing this code *140*2*4#. We are usually those who use Robi SIM. For some reason we may need to check robi sim number.

Robi Number Check Code

Many customers need to know that the SIM has been officially locked for some reason. He can know it by dialing USG code to check robi number.

Currently, if any customer keeps using his tweezers for more than three months. But the authorities blocked the MP. So every customer should

keep his/her used SIM in case of need for any reason. Then call at least once in three months. Many people say how to check robi number check robi number.

Telling them that the robi number check code for you is *2#. The USSD code before viewing the Robi SIM number is *140*2*4#.

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