Sonali Bank Routing Number PDF (Gazipur, Madaripur, Tangail, Noakhali, Mymensingh)

Sonali Bank is one of the largest banks in Bangladesh. Sonali Bank all over Bangladesh. Many times come to the Internet and want to know about the routing number of Sonali Bank.

Through this post, I will discuss the detailed information of all the routing numbers of Sonali Bank in front of you. Sonali Bank is a state government bank of Bangladesh. This bank was established in 1971.

It was then named National Bank. Sonali Bank was transformed through nationalization. Currently, Sonali Bank has 1204 branches out of which 341 branches.

There are 854 branches in rural areas to facilitate the transactions of people of rural Bengal in different cities. Routing number is the number that carries the identity of any bank.

If you are a customer of any branch of Sonali Bank then the routing number will be required for transactions in other branches. Those of you who want to know about the various routing numbers of Sonali Bank.

For them, through today’s post, I will discuss the routing numbers of all branches of Sonali Bank. There is one routing number for each branch of Sonali Bank.

A routing number is used to identify each branch. From here you can know the routing number of each branch. 200010074 This is Bagerhat District Sonali Bank Routing Number.

200010858 This is Bagerhat Bazar branch routing number. 200150976 This is the routing number of Banshkhali area of Chittagong. Dear Friends, Today we will discuss about

Sonali Bank Routing Number through this post. All banks of Bangladesh including Sonali Bank have a router number to identify them. Basically, routing numbers are required for taka transactions

from one bank to another. Now there are many of you who want to know about Sonali Bank Routing Number pdf file. So today we will give Sonali Bank routing number through this post.

Sonali Bank Routing Number

200011215 This is the routing number of Sonali Bank Bagerhat District Rampal Branch. Do you want to know the routing number of Sonali Bank Gazipur branch?

Then visit our website today. Through the website, I am discussing all district routing numbers in front of you. Routing number is a branch identification number.

A branch routing number of nine digits is now opened based on the location of the bank. However, the way to know the routing number is that the number printed from the bottom left of the bank is the routing number.

200330709 This is the routing of National University Sonali Bank Branch of Gazipur District. 200331337 This is Rajendrapur Cantonment Sonali Bank Branch Routing Number.

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