Square Hospital Doctor List, Hotline, Appointment Number

Today in this post we will discuss in detail about the doctors list of a very popular hospital of our country i.e. Square Hospital. I will also give details about the appointment number of the hospital and the price list of Square Hospital.

If you are interested in knowing all these details, check our full post. Many good hospitals have been built in our country at present and many quality medical services are being provided in those hospitals.

And Square Hospital is one of the advanced hospitals of our country. Many people in our country want to receive medical services from Square Hospital. Because the quality of their medical care is much better.

Square Hospital has many types of specialist doctors. Those who diagnose and treat patients with great experience. There are many who want to know the name of doctors of Square Hospital.

So we will reveal the names of doctors of Square Hospital here. Square Hospital is among the doctors. Bhavesh Chandra Mandal He is Cardiac, Anesthesiology Specialist. Dr. Arunanshu Das, he is a cancer specialist.

Professor Syed Md. Akram Hosai. He is a Clinical Oncologist and Radiotherapist. Dr. Saravan Tahura is a pediatric thoracic specialist. Dr. Nasima Akhter is a Neonatal and Pediatric Congenital Cardiologist.

Dr. Asif Manwar He is a cardiology and pediatric cardiology specialist. Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman is a neonatologist and pediatric specialist. Dr. SM Anwar Shahadat is a specialist in Dental,

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Square Hospital has several other experienced doctors on various other subjects. To know more about the hospital visit the link below www.squarehospital.com.

There are many people who want to make an appointment at Square Hospital in advance to receive medical services. For which they want to know the appointment number of Square Hospital.

So here we will publish Square Hospital appointment number. If you want to contact Square Hospital? In that case, you can contact this number +8801713141447. Their hotline number is 10616.

As Square Hospital is a very popular hospital in our country, the cost of treatment in this hospital is much higher than other hospitals. Many people want to know about

Square Hospital Doctor List

the cost of receiving medical services from Square Hospital or the cost of medical services at this hospital or how much money they have to spend in any sector.

So we have published a list of Square Hospital Prize List Nuts in several other posts on our website. You can check the list and get idea about donation from our website.

We have also discussed in detail the prices of various types of tests at Square Hospital in other posts on our website. You can also get details about the prices of various types of tests of Square Hospital from our website.

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