Official Website Link for NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration

You already know that the official website of the National University has published a notice on July 8, 2024, for students to take the coronavirus vaccine. So every student has to take a compulsory coronavirus vaccine.

Since the coronavirus has taken the form of horror in the world. Therefore, every student will be brought under the vaccine and the educational institution will be opened. You know that from March 18, 2024, all educational institutions in the country have been closed due to coronavirus.

Now each of you will be given the vaccine because every educational institution will be opened after the vaccine is given to all the students. The coronavirus situation has caused the greatest damage to students. is the official website for registering coronavirus vaccines for all students at the National University. So you can easily register to get the vaccine from us using this website.

For your part, every student has been asked to register for the vaccine by July 12, 2024. So you must register for the coronavirus vaccine during this time.

So what if you are interested in getting a coronavirus vaccine? However, you can easily register for the vaccine online from here. So register for the vaccine now without delay.

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2024 Website Link

Since many of you are looking for the official website of nu coronavirus vaccine registration. So for your convenience, the coronavirus vaccine has been published on our official website.

You need to apply for the coronavirus vaccine through the website For your convenience, we have discussed the whole process of online registration here.

So if you want you can easily apply for the coronavirus vaccine through our website So you can get the coronavirus vaccine later.

Apply for NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration

Many students do not know how to register for National University Coronavirus Vaccine. So for your convenience, below we have discussed the process of vaccination with examples.

First of all, browse the internet of your mobile phone.

Then visit the website

Then click on the Next button with your registration number.

Then provide your date of birth, mobile number, national identity card number.

Finally, click on the Apply button.

So if you can follow our steps correctly. Then hopefully you have already successfully registered from our website

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