Tahajjud Namaz Time Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet, Rajshahi (Bangladesh Today)

Those of you who search the internet while reading Tahajjud Namaz. Through today’s post, I will discuss before you about the timing of Tahajjud Namaz. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

Tahajjud Namaz is said to be the last night prayer, but many people pray this prayer after Isha prayer. However, the merits of praying on the last night are much greater,

so try as much as possible to pray this prayer in the middle of the same night. Hope friends understood all the information. So guys, let’s start the main discussion.

After midnight or two parts of the night, the time for Tahajjud Namaz starts after 2:00 PM till the time of Fajr prayer starts and the time of Tahajjud ends when Sehri time ends and when Fajr time starts.

It is recommended to perform Nafal Ibadah secretly without any special purpose or need. But ‘Tahajjud Namaz should be read in the dark’ or ‘Jin comes after Tahajjud Namaz’

or ‘Tahajjud Namaz should be performed regularly after starting it’ This idea is not correct. But let no one’s sleep be disturbed and no propaganda mentality; Be careful and cautious about this.

If Tahajjud can be performed regularly, it is better. Many times you come and want to know about Tahajjud Namaz information through internet. The Qiraat of Tahajjud Namaz is the longest.

In this prayer, you can read as long as you want. In this, different surahs and different verses can be recited in the same rak’ah to lengthen the rak’ah and increase the amount of recitation,

and the same sura can be recited many times in the same rak’ah. During the day of fasting, use oil sharma fragrance as needed, it does not harm the fast, the same rule applies to the use of oil on the head,

eyes, mouth, ears, nose or any part of the body. However, during the fasting month of Ramadan, men do not use surma before going to bed at night. Men who use surma during

See: Tahajjud Namaz Time

the day are always only women and can use surma at any time of the day or night. Today, through this post, I will discuss detailed information about

the rules and timings of reading Tahajjud Namaz. It can be done with Tahajjud Namaz, but performing Tahajjud Namaz on the last night is full of merit.

So try to pray on your last night. All Muslims are encouraged to participate in Tahajjud, a special night prayer in Islam, although it is not required. Tahajjud time in Sylhet

and around the world begins after the Isha prayer, the night prayer that is required, and before Fajr, the voluntary prayer that is considered the best (obligatory morning prayer).

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