(এখানে দেখুন) A dialogue between two friends about tree plantation.

You can get good marks in various competitive exams by doing some amazing work. You can eat numbers well in dialogue or in a good way. Today we will let you know through this post

how you can get good results in imaginary dialogues or dialogues. There are several rules for writing a dialogue. If you follow these rules well, you will be able to master them very well.

Imaginary dialogue has two aspects. Usually, a conversation is written between two friends. The context before the dialogue begins can be added.

There is nothing wrong with not doing it again. The context is the moment before the dialogue begins. In this case, the way you actually talk to a person, mention it in the notebook.

Address the person you are talking to according to their age. Suppose you are discussing something with your friend. Or discuss planting with your friend.

You can call him or you. In that case it is better to address you. I think so. So you neighbors will take care of these things. Note that you should not waste any time in writing dialogues.

And don’t use uncommon language. There are many that are difficult to understand. The way we talk to a person fluently. Mention them in the case of fictional dialogues or dialogues.

Today we will discuss all the details of the rules of writing dialogue speech through this post. You must be able to read this article from beginning to end.

Then you can know how to compose a dialogue. When writing a dialogue, you need to use some information. Use quotation marks to indicate how many words.

Stay out of the dialogues. Use separate sentences for actions that occur before or after the conversation. Use symbols when quoting something in a conversation.

In this case, we will say that you should use 170 to 200 words in a dialogue or dialogue. And think about how one person can say seven to eight sentences.

So, friends, I let you know through this post. How to write a dialogue and write dialogue in a very short time. In this case, maintain transparency in starting the dialogue.

If there is a problem for any reason, you will end with a positive comment. If you can write according to the formula. Then you can get good marks in the exam.

Follow the SSC-HSC examination procedure. So friends, through this post, I have given you all the information thoroughly. If you want to get more information.

You can find out by visiting our website. We have informed in all other posts. How do you get good marks in a competitive exam dialog? I hope you have benefited enough through the post.

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