(সহজ নিয়ম) Write a dialogue between you and your father about the mobile phone.

Questions are asked on various topics in English. Such as composition, paragraph, dialogue etc. Dialogue is the easiest of these topics. Dialogue is a process that involves

a conversation between two or more people. This is called dialogue in Bengali. But most people are marked by dialogue. Because many people do not know the rules of writing dialogues.

Dialogs are written on various topics. For example, if you want to write a dialogue between father and child about mobile phone, you have to follow some rules.

In most experiments, this dialogue is seen to come. Many people are scared to see the dialogue. There is nothing to fear. If you know the rules of writing dialogs, it will be easier to write dialogues on any topic.

There are some things to keep in mind when writing dialogues with a mobile phone. In other words, the good aspects of the mobile phone should be highlighted in the dialogue.

Also need to write the disadvantages of mobile phones. Important things to mention about mobile phones. Hopefully, once you master the rules of dialogue,

it will be much easier to write a dialogue. If you want to do well in dialogue, you have to practice more and more dialogue. At first it would be inconvenient to write a dialogue.

Writing a dialogue every day will make the rules of dialogue much easier. Hard language can never be used in dialogue. The dialogue should always use simple language.

This will make the reader more interested in reading the dialogue. The dialogue should use as many common words as possible so that the reader can easily grasp the meaning of the words.

Most exams have 5 numbers assigned for dialogue. So the dialog for these five numbers has to be written within certain limits. In other words, it would be better

if the number of words in the dialogue is between 150 and 200. Be careful not to overdo it. Because if the dialogue is too big, there is a possibility of cutting the number.

Again, the dialogue cannot be too small. Even if it is small, the number will be less. No matter what you write the dialogue on, make sure that the spellings in the dialogue are correct.

Each sentence of the dialogue should end in one to two lines. If you want to get good numbers in dialogue, you have to practice more and more dialogue.

And in order to practice dialogue, you have to increase the number of new words. That means you have to acquire vocabulary knowledge. For this, you can follow different

English newspapers if you want. Moreover, there are different types of English story books available in the market. You can follow them. Many times there are talk shows on TV.

You can also learn a lot about dialogue by watching those talk shows. Many of you did not know the rules of dialogue writing. Hopefully, if you read our today’s article carefully, you will learn a lot about dialogue. 

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