(দেখুন) A dialogue between Sujon and Hasib about the uses and abuses of mobile phones.

At present, the younger generation spends most of their time on mobile phones besides studying. But without hesitation, it is a threat to the human race. Today we will discuss the positive

and negative aspects of mobile phone use. This can be an important dialogue and acceptable to the reader if it is well presented to the reader through dialogue.

Today, through this post, we will try to indirectly convey to the reader the negative and positive statements about the mobile phone between Sujan and Hasib.

Suppose a competitive test involves the use and misuse of a mobile phone. In this case how many hours do we use our mobile daily? Those figures can be highlighted.

In addition, sometimes we do not have a mobile phone in hand and if we can bring up the issues that we search on mobile through dialogue, then it can be more information.

Besides, there is a downside to using only the positive aspects of our mobile phones. Students are wasting valuable time through mobile phones.

How many days a week do we use mobiles? How many mobiles do we use every day? So how much time we are wasting on this mobile phone can be highlighted. Feel free to ask.

The test may be a conversation between two friends about the positive and negative aspects of the mobile phone. I will indirectly present these to the reader.

Today we are through this post. We will discuss this information. Particularly soft-spoken students are wasting their time on mobile phones, moving away from their studies

and moving home from the outside world of sports without any hesitation. It’s scary. Such issues can be highlighted. In addition, the minimum number of years after

which the phone should be handed over to the people and the role of the guardian, in this case, can be highlighted through this dialogue through the reader.

So friends, through this post I have given you all the information. How do you do that? There are pros and cons to mobile phones. But today we have discussed all the information with you through this post.

At present, mobile phones are a threat to the new generation. It’s not just about talking on a mobile phone. Through this people watch bad videos and children go astray.

Besides, there are mental health problems. This phone is causing eye problems and mental development problems. Today we tried to convey all the information through this post.

Hope you understand. If the positive and negative use of mobile phones between two friends can be well presented to the reader. Then your dialogue will be successful.

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