Water Pollution Paragraph for SSC, HSC, Class 9, 5, 3 (100, 250, 500 Words)

Water is a very important element for survival in human life. Because a human body contains about 60 to 70 percent water. Human body needs water to survive in life. But this water must be safe and pure.

But if the water is unsanitary or dirty then it poses more risk to our health. Nowadays people are polluting the water in various ways. Which has an impact on people’s lives and its impact on the environment.

Water pollution is wreaking havoc on the environment. And here today we will publish a paragraph about this water pollution. Also we will publish here pdf of a passage on water pollution and Bengali meaning of this passage.

Those of you who are interested to know about this in detail can read this post of ours with full attention. Water is a very important element of the natural environment.

As water pollution makes human life unsafe and dangerous, the environment also faces many problems. We are now damaging or polluting water in various ways. For example, many are using different

types of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in their land hoping to produce good crops. All these fertilizers get mixed with flood water or rain water and fall into the river, polluting the river water.

Due to which many fishes and aquatic animals are dying in rivers and seas. Along with that, many people are throwing a lot of garbage from their houses in the river.

Also, many people are washing their different types of furniture with river water. As a result, the river water is getting polluted. Water is also being polluted due to launch, steamer oil, waste falling into the water.

Along with that, we see many industrial factories being built along the river in many places. The effluents of all those industries are mixing with the water and polluting the water.

An example of this is the Buriganga river of our country. The water of this river is getting polluted due to dumping of industrial waste and many aquatic animals or fishes of the river are disappearing.

River water pollution exposes people to various health risks. For example, many people are suffering from many water borne diseases by using this polluted river water or bathing in it.

Water Pollution Paragraph

Apart from this, due to water pollution, people are suffering from various diseases including cholera, diarrhea. To avoid all these problems, we must avoid water pollution

and bury our used garbage. Farmers need to be made aware of applying excess chemical or pesticide fertilizers. Also, industrial effluents should be avoided.

Then water pollution can be prevented very easily.  We have published a PDF of an article on this water pollution on our website. If you want you can view that PDF from our website

and you can also download it if you want. For those of you who want to read the paragraph on water pollution and want to read the Bengali meaning of that paragraph.

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