(দেখুন) www_eticket_railway_gov_bd Online Train Ticket Buy, Registration, Booking Process

Today we have this post online about cutting train tickets. So what if you want to buy train tickets online? But read our post carefully.

Tickets can be purchased online on 26 March 2022 using the website As a result, you are now trying to purchase tickets on various websites.

Previously, passengers had to purchase tickets online through other websites. On 14 March 2022, the Minister of Railways instructed to sell your tickets through the new website.


We will now discuss www_eticket_raipment_gov_bd. This website is usually an online train ticketing website, using which you can purchase your tickets at any time.

Previously, your train ticket would have been deducted using another site, but due to the change in the new website, online ticket sales were closed from March 21 to March 25.

However, passengers can now easily purchase their train tickets online using this website. Your tickets have started selling on the website from March 26, 2022.

bangladesh railway online ticket booking time

I would like to inform you that Bangladesh Railway online ticket booking time is from 8 am. So if you want to buy a train ticket, you must buy it after 8 am.

www_eticket_railway_gov_bd Train Ticket

Also through this website, the time to buy a train ticket is eleven o’clock at night. So you must visit this website between 8am and 11pm to buy your train ticket.

However, it is very unfortunate that from March 26, the sale of your train tickets started using the website, but due to the complexity of the server, many people are not able to purchase their tickets.

etiket railway gov bd Apps Download

www_eticket_rancil_gov_bd online buy train ticket

If you are looking for www_eticket_rancil_gov_bd online buy tickets? However, I would say that you are in the right place, your tickets can be purchased from our website.

etiket railway gov bd online ticket

For this you must first visit the website and register in a new way. However, for this registration, you need your mobile number and national identity card number.

If you can complete the registration properly, you will need to visit the website and login with your mobile number and password. You will then be able to purchase your scheduled tickets.

railway e ticket registration process

Since you have to register first to buy a train ticket online. So you have to go to the website and complete the registration.

However, it is unfortunate that although train tickets started selling online from March 26, many passengers are not able to purchase tickets from this website due to server complications.

We have provided you with a link to your train ticket website here. So if you want you can buy tickets now by clicking this link www_eticket_raipment_gov_bd.

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