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Train ticket sales have resumed online from March 26, 2022. But now you have to buy tickets online using the new website. Many people don’t usually know how to buy

train tickets online and through any website. So we have made this post for you today. Because from this post you can easily learn about the train ticketing process

and registration process online with examples. The official website for online train ticketing is This is the new train ticketing website.

etiket railway gov bd

But due to server complexity, many people are not able to use this website to purchase tickets for their destination. We have made this post to solve all these problems.

In the meantime, you know that online ticketing was closed from March 21 to 25. As a result, many passengers suffer because many people buy tickets online.

However, tickets will be available online from March 26, 2022 through the new server. So to buy a ticket visit now.

etiket railway gov bd registration

After visiting this website you will need to register anew. Here is an example of the whole process of registration. First, visit the website

etiket railway gov bd registration then fill in your mobile number and full name correctly. You will also need a birth certificate or national identity card number.

Since you have to purchase tickets through the new website So be sure to visit this website to purchase your new method ticket.

etiket railway gov bd Apps Download

www.e ticket ticker buy new system

Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan on March 14, 2022 confirmed the sale of train tickets through the new website. As a result, online ticketing was stopped from March 21 to 25.

etiket railway gov bd online ticket

However, the new website has made it possible for many passengers to suffer in order to purchase tickets.

Passengers are unable to purchase their tickets due to server complications. Many of you want to know from us Bangladesh Railway online ticket booking time.

bangladesh railway online ticket booking time

But I will say no worries because we have discussed the time to book your ticket here. Train tickets are usually sold online at 8 am on the

website So you have to visit this website from 8 am to buy tickets. A national can purchase a maximum of four tickets.

But what if you want to buy tickets online? However, tickets must be purchased by 10 pm as the server is usually closed after 10 pm.

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