Ibn Sina Dhanmondi Doctor List, Serial Number, Appointment, 9/A Contact Number

Through today’s post, I will discuss the list of doctors in Ibn Sina Hospital Dhanmondi. You know that there are private or government hospitals in Bangladesh. Among them, Ibn Sina Hospital is the

most popular in the country. Due to the quality of doctors services in hospitals, the quality of doctors and ambulance services is very low. So those of you who are searching to know about the list

of various specialized doctors in the hospital. Visit our website. Through this website, I will discuss with you about the list of doctors in Dhanmondi branch and which

doctors are available in this branch and the details of making your appointment with them. You will know if you read carefully from the beginning to the end. So guys let’s start the main discussion.

Today I will share your Ibn Sina Hospital Dhanmondi Dhaka Doctor List with you. Where I will share their names their qualifications and phone numbers to meet them.

Hopefully, your desired problem will be solved by consulting them. Here is the list of specialist doctors who sit here. Urologist, Kidney Specialist, Cancer and Blood Oncologist,

Ophthalmologist Doctor, Skin and Sex Specialist Doctor, Diabetes and Hormonal Disease Specialist Doctor, Dental and Dental Specialist Doctor, Nose Ear and Throat Specialist Professor

Dr. Md. Lutfur Rahman Khan Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Phone: 02-7310750, 7320709, 7320212, 7316643. Searching the internet to know how to contact

the doctors in the hospital. Our today’s article is for them. Dear friends, Ibn Sina Hospital is very popular nowadays in terms of quality and treatment in private hospitals.

Apart from this, other costs including ambulance services in these hospitals are less than comparable hospitals. I will discuss something else in the next post, not today.

Thank you very much for being with us. Dhanmondi branch is inquiring about the contact address. For them, you will know if you read our today’s article from the beginning to the end.

Ibn Sina Dhanmondi Doctor List

If you want to take doctor’s appointment in Dhanmondi branch then finally you need to know about all the doctors mobile number and contact addresses.

It is not available anywhere. You are helping us by coming to our website. Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam MBBS, MS (Ortho), Clinical Fellow (England) Phone: 9126625-6,

9128835-7, Mobile 01747-444254 Ibn Sina Hospital Dhanmondi 9 All the specialist doctors who provide treatment. We have all their list here. You will understand by looking at this list.

Knowing which specialist doctor is treating for any disease, you will see all the correct information when you go to the hospital for treatment. May is getting treatment from doctors very easily.

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