Pay Scale 2015 BD PDF Download

Today I am going to talk about the pay scale of 2015 in your article. The eighth national pay scale has been implemented since 2015. This eighth national pay scale is effective from 1 July 2015. All government officials and employees are included from first grade to 20th grade.

The minimum salary has been 8250 taka. Before that, it was 4100 taka now. The salary of Great 1 is 6000 Basic. Which was 40,000 taka in seventh grade. But Chips is the secretary of the ministry. Senior Secretary is not covered by the grade. Their salary scale is 86 thousand taka and the salary scale of senior secretary is 82 thousand taka.

Basic Salary 50 to 65% will get house rent, medical allowance, travel expenses everything. So friends, today we informed you about the national pay scale.

Pay Scale 2015 BD

Our article is for those of you who are government employees and are thinking of joining the government service. Many of you want to know what is the salary in national government jobs.

In addition, those who will take the BCS exam and will get a job in the non-cadre. They should know how much is your specific grade salary and how much is celery. So today we are mentioning to you about the latest pay scale of 2015.

According to the 2015 pay scale, the minimum salary is Tk 8250 and the maximum salary is Tk 6000. This will include 50 to 65 per cent housing rent, travel allowance, medical allowance, education expenses for children.

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The topic I will talk to you about today is the national pay scale for the salaries of government officials and employees in Bangladesh. According to 2015, the minimum salary is 8 thousand 250 taka.

The highest salary was 86 thousand taka. Based on this basic celery, travel allowance and house rent medical allowance are determined in different proportions.

In addition, if you have the minimum salary of government officials-employees 8 thousand 250 taka and the maximum salary is 86 thousand taka. The government will pay you rent at 50 to 65 percent based on basic celery.

national pay scale 2015 bd pdf

At present, the rate at which government employees are paid is according to the 2015 scale. The minimum salary is Tk 8250 and the maximum salary is Tk 6000. The basic salary will increase by 5 percent every year.

Which is called increment. Then you think that in 2015 the man would get a salary of 8250 taka. If his 5% increment, he will get a minimum salary of 17 to 18 thousand taka in 2021.

So friends, today we have discussed about the pay scale of 2015 through this article. In other articles we will discuss the National Pay Scale and present it to you in PDF format. I hope you like it.

all pay scale of bangladesh pdf

Today we will mention the national salary allowances of government officials and employees through this article. That employee received the current pay scale, selection grade scale, personal or higher scale. Similar to its current pay scale, the national pay scale will be determined under 2015 and in the following manner.

In other words, according to the pay scale of 2015, the minimum salary is 8250 taka and the maximum salary is 6000 taka. The salaries of government officials and employees have been fixed from Grade 1 to Grade 20.

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